Tuesday, February 28, 2012

currently in love with Big Bang's new song - Blue.

of course you guys know about Big Bang, right? No, it's not that Big Bang Theory tv series, it's Big Bang kPop. A korean band. Don't know bout it? google it. they've won many awards, even once in US, and they're about to make a world tour!

still have no idea bout Big Bang? seriously, go and google them. and start listening to their songs. cause they're freaking awesome.

can't wait for the newest album - Alive - to be released, which is... tomorrow! hurray! ok smgt as if i'm buying the album kn. padahal x pn. on the brink of bankruptcy right now. TT^TT

but i still can watch/listen to the songs on youtube. heheh.

FT Island's song - Severely - ain't that bad either. though most people doesn't seem to like it, i love the rhythm and music. :D best3.

i'm just gonna listen to these songs while i'm handling the plenty workload; Environmental Engineering & Hydrology assignments, lab reports and stuff.

oh right, there's quiz tomorrow. gotta study that as well. wish me luck!

and don't forget to listen to Big Bang! :P