Tuesday, February 28, 2012

currently in love with Big Bang's new song - Blue.

of course you guys know about Big Bang, right? No, it's not that Big Bang Theory tv series, it's Big Bang kPop. A korean band. Don't know bout it? google it. they've won many awards, even once in US, and they're about to make a world tour!

still have no idea bout Big Bang? seriously, go and google them. and start listening to their songs. cause they're freaking awesome.

can't wait for the newest album - Alive - to be released, which is... tomorrow! hurray! ok smgt as if i'm buying the album kn. padahal x pn. on the brink of bankruptcy right now. TT^TT

but i still can watch/listen to the songs on youtube. heheh.

FT Island's song - Severely - ain't that bad either. though most people doesn't seem to like it, i love the rhythm and music. :D best3.

i'm just gonna listen to these songs while i'm handling the plenty workload; Environmental Engineering & Hydrology assignments, lab reports and stuff.

oh right, there's quiz tomorrow. gotta study that as well. wish me luck!

and don't forget to listen to Big Bang! :P
It's been... 8 months since the last post. i've been thinking of reviving this abandoned blog, so here i am! changed the template and everything, designing headers and stuff. semangat pulak kn.

for some reason i just felt tempted to continue blogging, but we'll see how long it lasts this time. cant guarantee anything. Writing seems to be one of  my solaces lately, but meh what do you write when you have nothing to tell?

oh and i read my old posts and literally face-palmed while doing so. i guess it's true that you'll feel stupid when you see your past self's behavior. ha3.

oh well.

it's a new beginning. :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

how are ya people? i've been favoring tumblr lately, opting to update it regularly rather than the blogspot. i guess to me it's kinda more fun and much easier to blog there than here. but i guess it's kinda sad that i abandoned this blog for so long, so here i am!

nothing much to say here. so i'm just gonna ramble a bit.

i haven't done my assignments yet. the first structural analysis assignment consists of 10 questions, and i only did like 2 questions, only halfway done. now the second one, also with another 10 questions, came out. and it's already sunday. i guess i'll have to work my ass off today and get 'em all done! i've been rather lazy this week. ...but let's wait until i get enough sleep. 

one of my big brothers, the youngest one, is coming back home from U.S. next week, for good! He's graduated so i guess now he'll be working somewhere local. god i miss him sooo much! i think my sign language skills has deteriotate for not using them for so long. And of course he must be accustomed to the U.S. sign language, which is very different from the local ones, but there's no doubt that he still remembers the Malaysian Sign Language. it might take him a while to get used to using the MSL again instead of USSL tho. nevertheless, i can't wait for him to come back! :D :D :D

which reminds me, that i have to get my train ticket soon. not sure if i should be going back home on the 17th or the 24th yet, so i'll put that on hold for now. gotta decide that pretty soon tho. i ain't gonna like it if the train tickets ran out and having to take a bus as an alternative.

okay. it's almost 2.30am in the morning already. i'm gonna get to sleep soon. nite2 guys. :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

After so long abandoning my blogspot, i decided to make a comeback post... about.... well obviously you already found out from the title; that's right today's Mother's Day!!

Everyone loves their mom, and of course i'm no different! :D

Happy Mother's Day Mrs. Napsah! You're the best mom i could ever wish for. You taught me lots of things with care, love, and patience, and still are till this day. You wish me for the best all the time, from my life to my behavior to my future. You... you're a lot more than i can say, it's indescribable, it's infinite, and words can't really portray how amazing you are and how much you really mean to me. You're my world and there's no one else that i can love and trust indefinitely like you.
<3 <3 <3 Love you lots Mom!! <3 <3 <3

Monday, January 31, 2011

Tricked by a GPS. EPIC FAIL!

A hilarious tale experienced and shared between me and my close friend; nicky: Aton.

One fine morning, we went out to search for a bank. Specifically: Maybank Bank. Someone told Aton that there IS a Maybank BANK near here, so we decided to explore and search for the bank, since Aton herself had some business to to settle with the bank.

And so we took off, wondering along the road, heads turning left and right looking for any sign of the bank. After driving for more than half an hour and almost out of the supposed range, we decided to turn on the GPS and looked for Maybank.

We started following the GPS' instruction and U-turned, going deeper into the place because we 'missed' a turn (eventhough technically in the end, we should have gone straight instead of listening to the GPS) and finally arrived at.... dun3.... Taman Maju.

I started to have doubts. It's pretty impossible to actually find the Maybank Bank at Taman Maju because strictly speaking, we've been here too many times to actually 'missed' the bank. But nevertheless, we carried on forward, marching (or driving) into that area that could have very well been our backyard.

After the GPS started saying "You'll reach at your destination after 200m", I started screaming inside my head. "Oh NO. OH NO. It can't be!!!"

Just as we arrived and parked safely at the petrol station, the GPS chimed cheerfully "You have now safely arrived at your destination."


As opposed to the scream in my head, I started LOL'ing in the car like there's no tomorrow. Seriously. I can't stop laughing even after 10 minutes. Such an EPIC FAIL.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Okay~ this is gonna be one short post. seriously. a short one.

ignore the pic. that was just mainly for decoration as according to the theme... short? okay, this is a random post. deal with it.

so i was watching Wall-E on Disney with my nephew and all, and i remembered coming across this one cute picture of Wall-E characters drawn as humans/animes/cartoons. And they're really cute too!

this picture was taken from deviantart, drawn by SchifferCake. Click at the picture to go to the original url of this great pic!

I love how the characters were drawn, the artist caught the expression well and the designs are matching and appropriate! Lovely aren't they?? (^___^)

Just thought that I should share this awesome picture with you guys! 

Well that's it! Told ya it's gonna be a short post. See you guys around!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finally! An update!!

Hey guys! It's been a long time since I last updated this blog. Yes, I know I use this sentence quite a number of times -well actually like, every time i write a new post- but like I always said, whatever~ (>__<)

I don't really have anything to say... aside from that I had just gone through a hellish week of exams a few weeks back, an adventure -somewhat- of going back home, had some rest and some mishaps during the first few weeks of hols, hanging out and catching up with my best friends.... okay, that's actually quite a lot.

Okay okay, I admit it. I was lazy. Yes, the contagious disease that affects every people especially students that had suffered through exams and are currently resting their days off. I don't see many people updating their blogs either. But i have to admit that i had it worse, since i hadn't update it for... a month.

I would have let the record of not updating go on for a bit longer, but i had an unexpected visitor today... and well, he asked me; why haven't i been updating my blog?

so.. here it is!

yes, the pic has to be big.

Well it's a bit late to actually be talking about exams... but deal with it. this is going to be one long post.

1st Topic: Exams.

My exams started on the... well actually I don't remember, and I've deleted the exam schedules... but i think it started on 19th, with the paper Islamic Studies. No, I'm not going to tell you guys whether I'm confident with how I answered my papers. They are more or less... the same. Okay, I lie. They're difficult! All of 'em! Especially vector calc! 

I'm not gonna prattle on exams any longer, talking about them just... ruin my mood. Therefore, a summary!
I took 5 papers during the exam weeks, and they are:

Islamic Studies
Vector Calculus
Engineering Fluid Mechanics
Solid Mechanics

Ok. That's all you need to know. No more talking about exams. No more. Fullstop. What? Exams? What the heck is that? Whatever are you talking about? I know nothing about exams. Lalalalallalalalalala...



2nd Topics: Packing up and going back home.

If you ask me about moments that I hate most... that would be waiting, rushing, and packing. And maybe some others. But these 3 are among the ones that I hate and encounter most. Waiting, for obvious reasons; who would like to wait and waste their time waiting when they can actually use the precious time for something more productive?? Especially when we're waiting for things or someone that have invalid reasons such as sleeping in and taking their own sweet time to get ready. Hello? You're not the only one that have other things to do then meeting up with someone else, like me. I have tons of better things or work to do too. Yes, this statement is based on personal experience.

And rushing is not a favorite. I especially hate to rush or making anyone wait. Partly because when I rush, I would usually forget things and it often becomes a "too little too late" situations. They sucks. And the other... because I would feel guilty. I hate waiting for others, so why would I make others wait? So rushing is a no-no.  In the end, it's better for for the world if everyone is punctual and always be on time. Everyone will be happy then. The End.

And I just realized I haven't even started on packing and going home yet.

Packing... is the most torturous part of all three. I absolutely hate and loathe packing up or unpacking. As long as it have the word "pack" i would usually hate it. 

Yes... pack yourself up... into the doom...  >:(

I would loveeee to never pack at all for my whole life, but i travel a lot (to utp and back forth) and sometimes when i'm going on vacation or visit my relatives... packing is a necessity, unless i am actually willing to buy new things everytime i'm gone. that wouldn't be a problem... if i'm rich. as it is, my wallet is getting empty and i have no other choice but to wait for my scholarship money. ugh. money...money...money... money isn't everything! everything is money, but money is definitely not everything! (desperate attempt to look away from the reality. but it is true!) money definitely can't buy health, love, and family. (>__<) do not compare the real life to those freaking dramas on tv. They are all lies. Lies, I tell you.

Okayyy.. back to the topic (i seriously ran off the topic a lot). i started packing on 30th nov, the final day for my paper Geomatic (wait, what paper? exam? i can't hear ya~~) in the evening, like 2pm. then i packed and watched movie/tv series/read fanfic (in short, distracted) then packed and distracted and packed and so on.... till i fell asleep at 5pm. yes, you can imagine that i didn't actually pack much at that point. 

woke up at 6 something, and rolled around on the bed, wondering and reminiscing, showered and prayed... until almost 9pm. and yes, i still didn't pack much at all. then i started to get serious! (*cough cough*) i began to pack (while getting distracted still) until 2am! i slept for 3 hours to replenish my packing energy before waking up early where the sun was still having some relaxing time before checking in for work. i continued to pack and pack (must kill the word 'pack'...) and finally when i was done boxing everything up, it's time for...! (yet another torturous moment) to carry down the boxes and bags from the 4th floor to the common room of the opposite block that acts as the storeroom. 

and get this. I got to move 4 boxes and 4 luggages plus one mat and pail with waste basket, and all these stuffs just for the storeroom. i still got another one luggage bag and one of those large bags that are sold at RM10 and below (i don't really know how to explain it, but the bags are like sacks) and it was freaking heavy! i felt like my shoulder would suddenly fall off or got dislocated for shouldering the bag (can't help it, the 'sack' bag was too large that i would actually be dragging it on the floor if i didn't shoulder it.). it was a nightmareeeeeeeee.....

thankfully i got to finish moving all the things and freshen up in time before meeting my friends (while still shouldering the bags... and did i mention that i was carrying another laptop bag on my back? no? then yes, i carried 3 bags with me) for breakfast. we had some breakfast, but started moving really late at 9.13am (more or less)

my train was at 9.29am, and you know how the KTM can be very punctual. my friend drove like mad and he was speeding all the way to the station. but the sad thing was, we didn't make it. by the time my watch reads 9.30am, i knew with all my heart that i had missed the train (and we were still on the way to the station). sometimes punctuality can be a problem. if i was taking a bus, i wouldn't have flushed down my ticket money down the drain! since you know, buses are very very bad at being on time. 

i take it back. i love punctuality. the train isn't wrong, we were the ones at fault. we should have gone there earlier instead of speeding at the last minute. and besides, i had enough of waiting for the bus for an hour and more. they're really testing my patience.

Time is gold. Be punctual people. Punctual.

Anyway, i was lucky enough that my friends were on their way back to their home, which is Melaka, by the way. So instead of stopping at the station and be hit by reality that I had missed the train, we carried on forward with Melaka as the destination. Well actually mine was Restoran Jejantas Sungai Buloh. yes. an R&R. they weren't gonna enter KL, so the best that they could send me to is this R&R. It's a good thing this R&R isn't that far away from my place.

So i arrived at the R&R at around 11.30am. and surprise surprise... my sister wasn't getting out until lunch break. i lazed around the R&R (which, by the definition of carrying 3 heavy bags, wasn't that far), mostly sitting at one of the restaurant tables for an hour and half. it was such a relief when she finally arrived; i was getting sore carrying the bags. It's a shame that my sister had to immediately went back to work after dropping me home. It was just a short lunch break after all. i spent the entire day at home, mostly alone, until my sis-in-law came with my nephew. well, i was just glad that i finally got home and get the burden of bags off my shoulders.

the next day, i was sore all over. packing and moving is definitely not fun.

sore all over... aauh damn...

wow. what a surprise. i actually have plenty and a lot more things to tell! what a... surprise... i was actually thinking about how i didn't have much things to tell... apparently, i was wrong!

but this post has gotten long enough, i might continue writing the rest tomorrow... or the day after tomorrow... or whenever... if i got motivated. :P

so... see you guys around! and happy holidays to all!

and bones, here's an update as promised! (^___^) it's a lil bit late... but i did say 'tonight', and it's not the 15th morning yet! So...! a comment please? ehehehe...